Le Tan, a prominent sun care and self-tanning Australian brand, had a clear vision to enhance brand recognition and establish themselves as a frontrunner in the industry. Their primary goals revolved around boosting brand recall and awareness, generating greater brand consideration, and ultimately driving sales. With a target audience in mind, they aimed to captivate and engage women aged 16 to 39, ensuring their message reached this specific demographic. 




Love Island Australia proved to be the perfect platform for Le Tan to reach their desired outcome. With the 2022 season attracting over 472,000 viewers per episode and garnering a national viewership of 3.7 million. Women and individuals aged 16-39 were the primary drivers of TV viewing, with women accounting for 70% of minutes viewed, and 63% of those minutes consumed by people aged 18-39. This data showcased the show’s immense reach and influence within Le Tan’s target audience. 

  • Agency or Direct


  • Client

    Le Tan

  • Dates of Activity

    Oct-Nov 2022

  • Media Formats

    Television, Billboards, Digital/Social

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  • Category

    Health and Beauty

Campaign Creative



Le Tan strategically partnered with Love Island Australia, establishing themselves as the official provider of sun care and tanning throughout the show.
This collaboration included in-show integration, the Villa itself featured product placements, ensuring incidental exposure across the entire series.

Additionally, Le Tan had their own branded shelf with various products displayed in line with the contestants’ usage. The partnership also included billboards, and a TVC. In the digital realm, Le Tan utilized various creatives, including long-form, premium slate, pause ad, billboard, and short-form formats. Social amplification was achieved through the Love Island Australia Instagram page.

Social + on-air integrations


+25% brand awareness uplift. The campaign grew awareness of the Le Tan brand, with overall awareness in the target audience of women aged 16 to 35 up from 60% (pre wave) to 85% (viewers). Likely due to 2 factors; promotion throughout the show and the impact of seasonality .

+30% pts campaign message uplift. Creative content focused on the message of Le Tan as ‘a brand for everyone’ and this was delivered clearly to viewers, with strong uplifts in campaign messaging and associated perceptions (‘confidence’) .

Le Tan had the highest prompted sponsorship awareness of all sponsors (31%). As a first-year sponsor, Le Tan has performed well above Gemba’s sponsorship lifecycle industry benchmark, performing at between the third and fourth-year benchmark .

Le Tan’s 30 Second TVC had high levels of recall and clear message focused on ‘Le Tan is a brand for everyone’. As part of their campaign, this was the best performing statement with a +35% ppt uplift from pre-wave.   

The campaign was able to increase Le Tan’s perceptions as a ‘trendy’ and ‘inclusive’ brand that encourages ‘confidence’.   

Source: Gemba Brand Impact StudiesGEMBA© – CHANNEL NINE – LOVE ISLAND 2022

Hear what the client had to say

“The opportunity to work with Nine on Love Island to promote our sunless tanning range, Le Tan Gold, was a match made in heaven. Being able to target our key consumer group and create a campaign that would directly resonate with the Nine audience, we were able to increase our brand awareness score by 25%.” 

Nikki Zarra, Senior Brand Manager/Marketing Manager – Le Tan 

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