Our Brands.

Nine is a leading Australian multi-platform media network, engaging audiences across television, broadcast video on demand, digital, publishing and radio.

Nine Television

The 9Network is Australia’s leading television broadcast network, delivering content that reaches millions of Australians each day across six national, free-to-air channels.

Channel 9 is the home of the most recognisable and loved programming, built on a foundation of news, sport and entertainment. From Nine News, 60 Minutes, TODAY and A Current Affair to Married at First Sight, The Block and Lego Masters. Year after year our programming continues to connect with audiences, especially People 25-54, People 16-39 and Grocery Shoppers with Children.

Our digital multi-channels including 9Gem, 9Life, 9Rush and 9Go! are built on key content genres, with specific audiences in mind. These channels deliver engaging programming across lifestyle, home improvement, sport, reality, documentaries and entertainment.

The 9Network is also the home of the biggest television events each year, from the Summer of Tennis culminating in the Australian Open to State of Origin and the Telstra NRL Premiership series.

What can television do for my business?

Television can deliver broad reach and awareness, connecting you with new customers, help to build your brand, and directly impact sales.

What are the benefits of TV?
  • Reach a national audience of millions
  • Proven to help build your brand
  • Drive sales and return on your investment
  • Premium brand-safe environment
Booking your TV campaign with Nine Plus

Grow your business using the power of television, through Nine’s network of channels. From campaign creation to the production of commercials and marketing analytics, with our ongoing support, it’s never been so easy to advertise.

Video on Demand

9Now is Australia’s leading free broadcast video on demand platform, for consumers to stream live or catch-up episodes of their favourite programs: anywhere, anytime, on the device of their choosing. 9Now broadcasts all of Nine’s biggest shows, from Nine News, 60 Minutes, TODAY and A Current Affair to Married at First Sight, The Block and Lego Masters. 9Now also gives audiences the opportunity to watch live television, and it’s a popular platform for consuming sporting content, from the NRL Telstra Premiership season to the Australian Open.

9Now is more than catch-up. It has transformed to become a diverse streaming destination, with the best in local premium content from Nine to supplement our top-notch international partnerships with NBCUniversal and Discovery, who provide some of the world’s biggest programs: such as Desperate Housewives, 24, Love Island and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

9Now can be accessed on your smartphone, computer or tablet. It is also available in the lounge room, across connected televisions, with more and more consumers choosing to stream their favourite Nine content this way.

What can 9Now do for my business?

9Now provides your business with the best of television and the best of digital, as we know who the viewers are based on the details they provide when they join 9Now. And because we know who the viewers are, we can target them just like we would a digital advertising campaign.

What are the benefits of 9Now?
  • Reach a national audience
  • Proven medium to build your brand
  • Drive sales and return on your investment
  • Target specific audiences using audience data
Booking your 9Now campaign with Nine Plus

From campaign creation to production of commercials and marketing analytics, with our ongoing support, it’s never been so easy to advertise. Chat to our sales team to start your journey.

Nine Radio

Nine Radio is the home of the voices Australians trust. Each week, 1.9 million listeners turn to our talk programming to hear and contribute to conversations across news and opinion, sport, travel, auto, home and garden, lifestyle, money and technology. We talk to Australians about their passions, and that’s what makes radio so incredibly powerful.

Our leading AM stations 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR have a strong, interactive relationship with their audiences – a direct line into the moods, thoughts and opinions of our diverse communities. And leveraging that quintessential Nine television brand, Wide World of Sports is also now a radio show on 2GB and 4BC.

What can radio do for my business?

Radio is a truly powerful broadcast medium to reach a large audience in a cost-effective manner. Radio can connect you with new customers, help build your brand, and quickly and responsively distribute price-based messages.

What are the benefits of radio advertising?
  • It reaches 95% of Australians
  • It drives action and intent
  • It has a sense of trust and authenticity – it’s human, unscripted and engaging
  • It’s everywhere your customers are – in the kitchen or on the commute – and it’s a medium that speaks to consumers when, how and where they want


Nine’s print portfolio includes leading mastheads and news media brands: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review. With a rich history, spanning over 188 years in Australia, they are the trusted source for independent journalism. These leading news brands publish daily metro and national newspapers, news-inserted magazines, and further amplify their content across digital and direct-to-consumer events.

Our deeply engaged readers choose our breaking news and analysis, but also indulge their passions and fuel their curiosities with our lifestyle portfolio, which leads conversations across food, travel, luxury, automotive, parenting, and business and finance.

What can print advertising do for my business?

Print is an active and immersive medium, with readers deeply engaged in the content. Print delivers brand awareness and consideration for your product or brand when placed surrounding relevant content.

What are the benefits of print advertising?
  • Trusted and credible medium
  • Low-clutter environment with impact
  • Immersive and active medium
  • It’s cost-effective with single-market solutions

Nine Digital

Nine Digital is home to some of Australia’s leading online editorial destinations for news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle. Nine Digital brands include nine.com.au, 9news.com.au, 9Honey and Wide World of Sports, which engage with audiences across mobile, tablet and desktop. Nine’s digital network provides brand-safe, professionally produced content for advertisers to grow and develop their brand.


Looking for a direct response from your digital campaign? Why not partner with 9Optimum, Nine’s cost-effective, digital advertising solution to help your business. 9Optimum is the perfect digital market solution when you have a specific goal in mind. More clicks to your website, video views and product enquires can all be achieved with 9Optimum.

What can digital advertising do for my business?

Digital advertising can drive awareness of your brand or business, provide deeper opportunity for consideration, and also drive action by moving your customers through to your own website or content.

What are the benefits of digital advertising?
  • Place your advertising message surrounding similar content
  • Real-time results ​
  • Rich media
  • Premium brand-safe environment
  • High dwell time
  • Target specific audiences using audience data